You only get one bio link on Instagram.


One Bio Link

Create a single page that houses all your content and links

Multiple Destinations

Send clicks anywhere: articles, website, forms, events, social and more

Redirect traffic

Redirect page visitors to your destination automatically, or segment by device

Split.link Features

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Links

Unlimited Redirects

Redirect by Device (Android, iOS, Web)

Full Analytics (Clicks & Visits)

Custom UTM parameters

Facebook Pixel Integration

Custom Fonts & Colors

Drag, Drop, Reorder Links


No, all features of Split.link are completely free to use.

No, you can register with your email and have access to your Split.link pages without the need for Instagram.

Yes, each Split.link page can be setup with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tag, as well as prepend google UTM tag to each of your links.

Yes, you get a custom url. You have full control of your page, you can customize background color, text color, font and colors of all buttons. You can drag, drop and reorder all elements with ease.

You can redirect traffic based on device of the visitor, such as android, ios or web. It is useful when you want to send Iphone visitors to an Iphone specific landing page.

We track clicks and unique page visits to your Split.link page, in addition to that you can add your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tag.